Friday, December 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Review 1 week Impressions (Part 5)

Samsung Galaxy Review 1 week Impressions (Part 5)

To see my other reviews on Samsung Galaxy Wonder - Click on Tab -> Galaxy W :-), More review coming over the next few weeks? on the Phone, The Apps on the Phone and New Apps that I will download.

I have been using this Samsung Galaxy W for one week, Overall this phone (especially when compared with my Nokia 5800) is a Wonder, Its GPS Lock in seconds instead of minutes, It’s Hardware specifications is more than adequate, the touch screen is responsive, Internet pages load much faster and the battery life is encouraging, I find it the perfect companion, the only thing is that I cannot seem to find a working Voice Navigation soft ware that support MFM, and /or MalSingMaps at the present moment, that will make it perfect.

As a companion, it’s Size just nice to hold, done not cost a arm and leg, works well as phone, as a Ebook, (for me to while away the time while waiting for appointments), play some games, play music, get information via the net, from Open Wifi sources etc, customizable through easily available and free apps, best night camera I have ever use and so on There are some compromise that I have to make though, eg the screen is a tad small for easy viewng, there Is no garmin etc

I definitely have no regrets in changing over to this phone, though I still have a steep learning curve ahead of me, in order to use the phone efficiently and fully. This is where Android phone loose out as it’s so customizable that The Phone Manual have become almost useless, other then as a guide for the built in apps that Samsung provides.

Initial Impression of the Samsung Galaxy Wonder (First Week)


  • User Friendly Quite Intuitive
  • Fast GPS Lock
  • Wonder Camera – super clear night shot even without setting
  • Just the Right Size to hold and To View
  • Internet Zips along much faster (compared with Wifi) can almost replace net book
  • Moving files easy, can do many files at one time
  • Kris Air, Work on Any PC with Wifi, No Need Soft Ware, No Need Cables
  • Mobile9, seems to have a good stock of Epub E Books (have some Txt and PDF) configured for Samsung Galaxy W


  • Browser – Miss the front key, there is back key
  • No Dedicated Camera Button
  • Cannot use Garmin NT
  • No Papago compatible to gingerbread 2.3.5 V yet?

Well I am still in the progress in learning this phone, so more reviews on the phones, Its applications, its widget, user tips etc will be posted up, so stay tune to this channel.

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