Sunday, November 27, 2011

Criteria for a New Phone ;-)

Criteria for a New Phone ;-)

What do I need, What do I want?

1. No Top end models, cannot afford them. So it will have to be a Mid Range Model.

2. Touch Screen only Phones, QWERTY keyboards will make the phones bulky (thick) or take up screen space.

3. As small as practical, say around a 4in screen, (around Iphone dimensions will be nice). So the 5in and 7 in tablet phones will be out, as well as the 3 in minis which are just too small for me.

4. Reputable Brand (Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Apple, HTC etc), they usually give less problems

5. Batteries Life Span and User Removable Models

6. Fairly Good Camera

So its time for some market study.

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