Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alza Fuel Compsumtion after 3 plus Month of use (4K Plus Km use)

My Alza is already 4 months old

Its has been 4 months , How time flies .... and have pick up a few scratches here and there. snob snob!

My Alza have clock 4400km and its has been 3 month from the 1st service. So in a few days I will have to send my Alza to the Service Center. This time with 2 things they have to look into.

  • When ever i step on the break, i hear a tiny click sound from the pedal
  • the MP3 from time to time will reset back to the first song in the first folder

Other then that, the Perodua Alza have been kind to me. So far no problems, Touch wood ....

Well after all this while the Fuel Consumption is averaging at 7.4lts per 100km for this stock standard Alza after 11 data points.

All this time I have been using Esso, either at Tg Bungah, Nibong Tebal, and the Station at the Juru Rest Stop, cruising speed is around 60km ph to 80 kmph when possible, with once or twice hitting 1110kmph.

  • As mention before this fuel consumption is much better then my former car the Proton Wira 1.3lt (11years old) which has been modified with , a Voltage Regulator , Magnetic Fuel Saver, a Compressor which give me around 8lt per 100km, and strangely occasionally once ever 3 months can hit 6.8lt per 100km for just one tankfull.
Now is time for my 5000km service, and after this in my quest for lower fuel consumption I intend to try out a Fuel Saver, Additive by the Name of AUTOMAX NanoTech Fuel Enhancer distributed by Cosway which claim I can save as high as 28%, A bottle cost RM29.90 (member price) which they claim can treat 600lt of petrol. So lets see, that will be around 20 refills for me.

I was actually thinking of getting a Plug in Voltage Regulator, But I will hold that back for now, this item from a Car Accessories Shop will cost around RM300, On the internet shop they are selling it from RM90.

Oh! I had a chance to use the Alza going up a steep hill, well all i can say is the car manage to get up the hill but it slowed down to around 3okmph even with me 1. using the low gear, 2, stepping on the paddle. But then it still behave much better then my old wira at that particular location.

Further While I have plan to Go to Cameron Highlands and a Trip to KL, I have to see when this trip may materialize.

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