Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Perodua Alza - Multiple Award Winning Car 2010

Look that the car I have selected as my new ride have won multiple awards this year.

  • Car Awards 2010 – Best MPV: Compact / Mid-Sized (Autoworld / CIMB bank)
  • Car of the Year 2010 – Best Compact MPV (NST / Maybank)
  • Autocar (Asean) Awards 2010 – Small / Medium MPV Category
  • Asian Auto VCA Auto Industry Awards 2010 – Best Local Assembly Family Car

With all this multiple awards, Perodua should be giving me a problem free car right? With out me having to run to the SC to rectify any problems at all! Let hope so.

I sure would like to know what were the Alza being compared with for each category!

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