Monday, January 17, 2011

Makam Mahsuri / Kota Mahsuri Langkawi Part 9

Makam Mahsuri / Kota Mahsuri Langkawi Part 9

Makam Mahsuri has been upgraded and rename Kota Mahsuri, after paying the entrance fee, we entered and were shown to the Museum (No Photography) where we see ancient artifacts, weapons and the story of Mahsuri, and the 7 generation curse she pronounce on Langkawi. There is also a DVD show, in English, Thai among the various language.

From What I understand, the Legend goes this way. Mahsuri parents originated from Thailand, and migrated to Langkawi due to some unrest in Thailand, Here they give birth to Mahsuri and she was a beautiful woman, who then married a Langkawi Worrier / Headman. While her husband was away, another suitor approach and was rebuff but the damage was already done, and she was sentence to death by stabbing by kris (Malay dagger).

On Her dieing breath, she curse the Island to be barren for 7 generations. It is said that the curse have been lifted as her 7 generation descendent a Thai lady, have visited the Island recently (For information. ( Mahsuri Parent and Mahsuri son move back to Thailand shortly after her death. )

What else do we have in this area? some Kedah style kampong house, a water well (you can purchase water from this well) a mini bird park, kueh making demonstration, padi framing implements among others.

Malay Traditional Music to Greet you at the Entrance

The Grave

A Carriage

The Well, View of Padi Fields

Padi Planting Instruments

More Padi Planting Instruments

Birds in the Mini Zoo


  1. Well, i can see u enjoyed the trip to Langkawi..
    A lot of pictures taken..

  2. Oh yes, I and the group enjoy the trip very much. Many Many more photos to come, In fact what you see here is just a small number of the photos I have taken.


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