Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Nokia 5800 Review, Post #4, Camera Test - Outdoor Evening / Night

A Nokia 5800 Review, Post #4, Camera Test - Outdoor Evening / Night


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There are many reviews of the Nokia 5800 out there, after all it’s not the latest phone on the market, if you want specification, tech details etc you have many many web sites out there. In my blog I will talk about the living with the device, how to set it up, how to use it for one own amusement, after all having spend a good sum of money on it, make full use of it as a eye candy or as best it can function.

I have taken a verity of photos to test out the Nokia 5800 camera in situation where most ppl complain about the photos ie in low light condition. Here are 5 photos display with out adjustment other then resizing the photos to 640 by 480 pix.

Photo 1 is taken in the evening, without adjusting any settings in the camera ie in Full Auto Mode. Result a unattractive and very dark photo.

Photo 2, taken within one minute of Photo 1, a much attractive and brighter photo, the result of setting it to Nite Mode. ISO is on auto.

Phot0 3, in full darkness, but taken in a car. You can see that the vibration of the car engine results in "movement"

Photo 4, In Nite Mode, with the ISO on Auto, while grainy (I do find it acceptable), its definitely not as good as my former N82 (which is 5mp and have zenon flash). Overall OK
Photo 5, ISO reset to low, produce a slighly darker photo, but much sharper image of the "Lights" .

Low Light Photographs can be improve if you know how to do some simple adjustments

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