Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Nokia 5800 Review, Post #3, Wifi, Browsing the Internet

A Nokia 5800 Review, Post #3, Wifi, Browsing the Internet


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There are many reviews of the Nokia 5800 out there, after all it’s not the latest phone on the market, if you want specification, tech details etc you have many many web sites out there. In my blog I will talk about the living with the device, how to set it up, how to use it for one own amusement, after all having spend a good sum of money on it, make full use of it as a eye candy or as best it can function.

Today I am exploring the Nokia 5800 Wifi connectivity feature, and using it to browse the internet via the built in browser.

To enable the Wifi you have to tap the phone screen near the battery, and you will get all your connectivity options there, once the Wifi is enable, you can start Web browsing which will bring you to the book mark screen, or by tapping right at the bottom the “globe”, you can enter in the url you want.

(You can also go to the Menu “web” folder, to use the built in web application to connect to internet via your phone service provider.)

It’s better to use the phone in the landscape mode, especially if you have many things to search for ie you have to use the qwerty keyboard. What I did first is to Bookmark Google here, (to use Wifi) to enable me to search for website I will want to visit frequently with the 5800, and then book marking then book marking the web sites.

On the right hand side of the “standard” screen, at the bottom left you have the options and on the 2nd button from the top right you have further short cuts. You have similar choice here but at the shortcuts, you do not have to navigate to look for the options you want. (eg book mark this page, go to bookmark page, help, settings, go to full screen.

Viewing the Web page you basically have the standard view, page overview, and the full screen. Using the full screen mode will leave you without any buttons on the left to navigate, such as the back key etc. The only navigation option you have is back to the standard view. The Standard Screen is a bit small, but its still readable, the full screen is nice. Double tapping on the screen will enable zoom mode, a useful and thoughtful feature.

There are various settings which you can thinker around to fit what you want such as display no photo, font size etc. Just tap the option button at each level and you will find what you can do there.

Overall surfing the net, is quite smooth, you do have to wait a bit before the page downloads fully, navigating the page using the touch screen is neat, I do find that using my finger nail instead of the finger is more accurate and more responsive.


The Good : Auto off Wifi when leaving connectivity - Will save battery which is important

The Bad : In the Menu “web” folder (built in application) uses Edge/3g for connectivity even with Wifi presence, I am unable to set it to use Wifi only, however can connect via Wifi by going through the connectivity.

My Verdict : Can almost replace a lap top, its slower loading pages, and the screen is of course smaller, it can do what you want from a lap top other then for torrent downloading purpose.

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