Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Nokia 5800 Review – (2nd Day) Bluetooth Blues, Themes, Ovi Download, Maps, etc

A Nokia 5800 Review – (2nd Day) Bluetooth Blues, Themes, Ovi Download, Maps, etc


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There are many reviews of the Nokia 5800 out there, after all it’s not the latest phone on the market, if you want specification, tech details etc you have many many web sites out there. In my blog I will talk about the living with the device, how to set it up, how to use it for one own amusement, after all having spend a good sum of money on it, make full use of it as a eye candy or as best it can function.

The Bluetooth bug, is My first priority of the day is to fix. After trying to pair my laptop with the Nokia 5800 for the upteen time and getting Device Driver not found, I finally decided to install the software given by Nokia, which is the Ovi Suite Software. That also did not work till I finally downloaded PC suite. That work, I finally got the Blue tooth to work and manage to transfer a photo over. (note: I did not have this trouble in paring my colleagues 5800 to my lap top a few months back)

PC suite, Ovi Suite, what the difference between this two similar software, I have to launch the PC suite to fix the Bluetooth bug, and from what I see, I do think it’s useful to do some management work on the lap top instead of using the phone. Anyway I will have to learn 2 more software now. Using a Smart Phone is hard work.

Themes download, as mention earlier, the themes I earlier downloaded from Ownskins, has been transferred over. Unfortunately the animated themes seems not to work, or I do not know how to set it properly, but frankly I prefer it this way. Overall the themes colour schemes clash with the words on the screen, Other then for the Neon Series and the original theme and the theme I downloaded from ovi store which did not clash.

Ovi Store only allow direct to phone download, I try to download to laptop but that no go, as the Nokia 5800 is wifi enable, I was able to download direct to the phone, a theme, The Black Theme DMMM00011, Its Free for downloading, and its basically a black back ground. As a Nokia Official download it work pretty well.

Atomic Dreams Chapter One, is my next down load, its a Graphic Novel, and you page through it by sliding you finger where you want it to go. Installed it ended up in the Apps folder and when I view it the Graphics is quite nice, Telling the story from the point of view of the Native Americans and the Atomic Bom. I will not spoil it for you, go download it and view it.

Back to this morning, The Alarm Clock , which have no volume setting, rang at the time I set it, fortunately its ring is loud enough to wake me up.

Maps , I tried out the Maps, at my house it work well, though the location seems to be somewhat off, and I tried to save, just cannot find out how. I then tried it out on my way back home after work, It took a while to detact the satellites this time, but it finally did. I do know that there is a map upgrade, but then I think I better stick with Garmin XT, it seems richer in POI and other things. I will have to head in to the phone shop to get an official Garmin XT.

Well, its a long day at work, as well as getting this all type out. More posts will be coming on set up, hints, tips and so on, especially on the PC suite and the Ovi Suite. Feel free to make corrections etc. Finally advice number 2 seems to be correct, confirm by two other persons, the magnetic closure does affect the battery power negatively.

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