Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go Cart Race in Penang After 30 years, Visit Penang 2010 – 2012

Go Cart Race in Penang After 30 years, Visit Penang 2010 – 2012


There was a Go Cart Race in Penang around the Esplanade during the first week end 12th -14th March of the school holidays. As I understand it this the first Go Cart Race in Penang after 30 years. With the race there was a food bazaar as well as an Ms Umbrella Contest.

A very commendable effort by the tourism people in organizing this race. Fact is I am old enough to remember that the following were orgenise in Penang, Scout Car Race, Go Kart Race, Motobike Race and even Car Races a long time ago. Will all these event be making a comeback soon in Penang?. A Festival of Speed so to speak

On going right now in Penang is the Penang Orchid Festival located at the New Food Stalls of the Botanical Gardens 9pm to 7pm (will try to make it as I do not have any Orchid Festival this Friday) and the Penang Floral Festival will be held on the November 27th to 5th Dec 2010

After this will be the The Siddhartha Musical Show, for those who do not know what is Siddhartha (I am one of them)– The Musical is essentially an Eastern story re-told and presented in Western musical style. Gathering a cast of award-winning actors and dancers, the musical also features a powerful and touching music score, combining classical, new-age and ethnic elements, dynamic and captivating dance choreography, vibrantly coloured stage design and lavish costumes coupled with advanced animation effects, Siddhartha artistic and entertainment value.

The Penang Bridge International Marathon which will be held on the 21 Nov 2010 for more information go here (inclusive of registration for the event)

Other upcoming events can be found here.

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