Thursday, February 4, 2010

Penang's Nibong Tebal Railway Station Tosai have move!

Best Tosai in Penang by @snapshots

New Location GPS Cordinates N 05, 10, 243 E 100, 28, 329!

Its sad when some thing heritage have to be demolish in name of progress. The Old Heritage building of Nibong Tebal Railway Station was recently demolish in name of progress for the Double Tracking Process, with it the Best Tosia in Penang th Famous NT Railway Station Tosia is no more.

However the owner of the stall have decided to set up shop after a two weeks break, (thank god, my stomach was asking for a tosai), at the above coordinates, for those with out GPS, its not hard, Its located near the Nibong Tebal St Anthony Church (corner of Jalan Victoria)

As you enter NT town, after the first traffic light, after Maybank, at the T Junction, turn right, go straight for around half a km its a corner terrace house on your left.

The Church.

The tosai is just as good, the place even more comfortable and cleaner, the shop is currently work in progress, he just have set up shop and making plans how to set up the place, He is getting a new group of customers (of church and market goers, NT Market is just a stone throw away), and that the old customers is slowly finding out that he is at this location, further it seem that there is a chinese newspaper report that he is missing after the railway station demolish! All the best for him at this new location.

He is currently operating from 7am till 2 pm daily, and have plans to add in more verity of food.

the Single Story Terrace house.

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