Friday, January 8, 2010

Year 2010

What in Store in the year of 2010 for us?

1. It the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese Horoscope, that usually mean a fiery, bad temper year, with alot of upheaval etc.

  • as a sad and side note, bullets, granade, knife are being featured in the Media lately ( I do hope its not the trend for the year) I am happy that the Police is keeping a eye out at certain locations to keep crime and traffic vialation down I do hope that the hours be extended to non office hours as well.

2. It this the Year of the Price Increase?,
  • On the 1st of Jan the Sugar (Subsidies) price is up RM0.20 per Kg,
  • On the 1st of Jan the Bread price is no longer a controlled price item (up 30 cent for a large loaf as informed by my staff told me per loaf
  • Toll may increase as informed by the Media - Newspaper a
  • Petrol that is subsidies , may be limited to certain type of cars or by cc only and must produce mycard,the national identity card.
  • What else?

3. It has been declared that 2010 is the Year to Visit Penang , by our CM on the 1st of Jan 2010, in fact the Visit Penang Campaign is for 3 years 2010,2011&2012.

4. Meanwhile there are other items i would like to comment on, but its to sensetive as it will invlove religion, national security, should construction work and bad health care.

So let see what the year have in store for us. All I can do is solider on in by Job, live my life and hope that the golden goose will arrive.

This year, My initial target to get a Digital Photo Frame, A 320 hard disk (soon - on order) and have the time (between my work, and my daughters school holidays) to take my family for a small long overdue vications), and if possible to overhaul my faithfull proton wira.

I personally am having alot of typos!

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