Saturday, January 9, 2010

MP3 wireless FM Transmitter

I have been targeting on of this gadget for quite some time, and finally after , I manage to find the double cigar plug, over the new year, I finally purchase a "Edge" MP wireless FM Transmitter at the friendly neighbourhood computer store for RM3X.

In fact I could have purchase in cheaper with all the numerous PC fairs and special offers, but the friendly service , superb helpfulness and return policy of the store make me purchase all by pc ware from them when possible (there a seagate 320 hdd with anit shock on order with them)

My Car Current Radio CD player, is a one disk CD player which also plays MP3. as such is limited to 700mb of music, which took in around 160+ songs and music in MP3 format, (me being too lazy to change the disk) which in my normal (for now) driving is sufficient for one month before it repeats it self. When I went long distant to KL that was enough to get me there and back (around 9 hours).

So my reason of purchasing this gadget is that I want to get rid of my CD's, tends to get stretch and finger prints seems to grow on them if I keep swapping the cds, thus distorting and adding special effects to the music.
I know that I could have keep the original and burn copys and it will be the copy that get stretch etc. which will be cheaper

But then SD card prices dropping, I manage to get a 2GB card for around RM25, a Double Cigar Plug for my car Cigar Lighter, (the other is for my trusty 15 year old car ionizer), I decided it time to get on of this Car MP3 wireless FM Transmitter.

The "Edge" MP3 wireless FM Transmitter come with a set of Remote Control (which have way way more controls) a cable to link other MP3 players (a 2.5mm to 3.5mm connector) and the Operation Manual. The MP3 memory is from a SD card up to 4 gbs in size or from a Thumb Drive which you jack in, from the front.

The Operation Manual is very basic, gives you instruction how to operate it and how to set the channel to the right radio frequency, the rest of it, the "special" features are not explain and is left to you to discovery.

The Special Features for this gadget is basically on the Remote.

Folder, On the Remote there is this (Folder -) and (Folder +) buttons, what i discovered is to control, and to jump from folder to folder in the SD card. ie you can create folders for individual persons or create folder for the artist etc. Use full feature as you can jump to the folder you want instead of advancing song by song.

EQ Mode, The MP3 have a further EQ mode button, which when press cycle through Rock, Pop, Country, Classic, and Finally Normal - all the usual modes, I set it on normal as i prefer to use the bass and treble control on my radio cd player.

Replay Last Song , if you switch off your car with out switching off the Mp3, and when you restart, the MP3 will replay the last song entirely.

LCD Screen, the MP3 comes with a 1inch LCD screen which gives you some basic information in 4 rows , with basic control at the bottom, skip back one song / one freq button, change channel (or frequency) button, play & stop button and skip forward one song / one freq button.

1st Row on the Top Left = SD Card then Music Time followed by (dont know what it is) , transmitter and the frequency set

2nd Row = Name of Music (limited)

3rd Row = Name of Folder (again limited)

The 4th row and final row = Song number / Total Number of Songs

I downloaded 1.7gb of music in to the 2 gb card.......

Sound, - Well to my unhifi ears, it sound about the same after all its the same speakers ........ Well I should have hours and hours of music to listen to.

Problems? So far have encountered some static and disruptions, one song cut off then keep repeating it self till i use the remote to forward it till the next song. Still early days yet with total elapse time less then 30 min.

Comments : A pretty good, neat gadget for a car that does not have either a MP3 player, or a sd card player, or a cd changer. However the Car does need a basic FM Radio. Infact Ideal for a car whose CD player is not working but radio is still ok. For Me the only thing or feature missing is a Randomizer.

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