Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wireless Broadband ISP

Am hunting around for a Wireless Broadband ISP, as due the the mobile factor in my career choice, having a wire broadband will give the telecom contractors much of my hard earn money ever time I move.

As such with the current state of wireless broadband (wimax or others), we have currently 4 suppliers ie Mr Potong (P1), Celcom, Maxis, and new boy on the block Digi. 3 others have the lisence but have not roll out anything yet.

All the service provider is not having a contract period......... espeically if you purchase the modem.

Service area.

I did not take P1 in to consideration, as there are many places it do not have coverage....... (ie out of major towns .......... my career path may take me to smaller towns ....... like currently even if I want to take P1, there is no service in my area. other then that Celcom has the best coverage, Maxis is 2nd and in last place is Digi.

Score is Celcom = 10, Maxis = 8, Digi = 6

Type of Service and Pricing

I am only looking at Basic service for the Post Paid Wireless broad band, (to qualify the the Income tax relief) and all 3 service providers have it.

Celcom is price at RM68, Maxis is price at RM78 with a RM 10 rebate for the 1st years, and Digi is at RM58.

Score is Celcom = 18, Maxis = 14, Digi = 14


Speed is not that inportant for me for this package as my main LSP is atmy work place, and this broadband service is mainly for the my family usage, and for my off day.

For the Basic Package

Celcom - 384 kbs
Maxis - no speed mention / no cap mention
Digi - 700kbs

Score is Celcom = 24, Maxis = 24, Digi = 26

Cap in Usage Volume

Celcom - 5mbs per month
Maxis - 2mbs per month
Digi - 3mbs additional charges if use more then this limit

This is bad!

Final Score is Celcom = 34, Maxis = 28, Digi = 28


In other words, Celcom is the best choice of me in terms of Mobility, highest usage volume, at the 2nd highest price basic package, and the lowest promise speed. I am targeting if i have the spare funds, to get the package in a few months time.....

Just wondering Lowest promise speed, but the highest cap in usage volume, what will it mean it with a higher promise speed but a lower usage cap?

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