Friday, November 6, 2009

Beer from China!

Beer, some people cannot live with out it......

Being in the hospitality industry, beer play a important part in our revenue, Carlsberg, Tiger, Guinness Stout especially, being our local beer, with Heineken, and other imported beer planing a secondary role.

Back in the 70's i remember my father having a Anchor a day, now sadly Anchor is now a secondary beer to Tiger.....

Then while in Switzerland (for my hospitality studies) I was introduce to 1000's of beer, from famous brand to one pub brand (micro brewery) and I even manage to visit Octoberfest in Munich in 86 (if I am not mistaken) Looking back, what stories i could have told if there were internet, blogs and digital camera those days.....

Returning to Malaysia, working in Langkawi, I was introduce to Foster (Australian) and Asahi (Japan) , Corona and to all the big names imported ..........

Now I stumble across this two beers from china, made from rice instead of Barley in a small regional supermarket.

Swing Beer, 10% alcohol, 500 ml can RM5.90

Taste : Just like any other beer

Effects: Strong!, this one can is equivelent to 3 plus cans of normal malaysian beer, Kick like a mule, gave me a headache after around one hour of consuming just one can.

Comments: Most economical and effiecient way of getting drunk, spending this RM5.90 is like spending RM20 for normal beer. Warning do not drink one can and drive.......

Huda Beer, 7% alcohol, 325 ml can RM3.90

Taste : Just like any other beer

Effects: Mild if compared with Swing Beer!

will drop by at the supermarket to try out the other brands, including kingfisher (india) and so on, most of them in 500ml cans

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