Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pasar Pagi / Morning Market

Pasar Pagi / Morning Market @ snapshots

Coordinates: N 05.13.471 E 100.29.897

Pasar Malam is the supermarket for low income earners and for the village (Kampong) Folks, what do the traders do in the day time?

Well there is also pasar pagi, and every Thuesday morning at Sungai Bakap, some of the traders set up shop at the compound of Sungai Bakap Temple (at the Laksa Shack location -

It’s not so busy, smaller, thus easier to find things, but you do not get the large amount of traders, but I do find it better then heading into Valdor Pasar Malam to purchase items.

you will find all the usual things at a Pasar malam, Groceries, cloths, toys and many more

Photo taken just before the Moon Cake Festival.

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