Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Eats at Taiping, Wan Tan Mee

to conclude my series of blog post on my trip to Taiping,

My memories of Taiping for food is a Kai Si Koey Teow Thng,( Chicken Meat Flat Rice Noodle in Soup) located some where in town. I thought i knew where it was but this trip i cannot find it.

So for food after the long walk at the Zoo, I when food hunting, What funny is that there is no food court over looking the Taiping Lakes, the closest is this Restaurant Taman Tasik, a food court located a little a away from the lake but with no view of the lake.,

It has a car park over looking the lake though. and it look like it cater for a evening and late nite business. There were a lot of stalls offering thypical Hawkers food, but most were close at around 4pm.

GPS Location : N04.51.059 E100.44.764

Food Court Interior .

Wan Tan Mee

The Wan Tan mee was surpricingly nice, done exactly to my specification. So nice that the whole family ended up having Wan Tan Mee. The Char Siew could do with a improvement though.


Well not bad for Taiping.

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