Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Malaysian F1 Team - Lotus F1 / 1 Malaysia Formula 1 Team

"What this?" I said when i saw the news.

So it seem that a consortium of Malaysian Companies namely, ( Air Asia, Proton, Naza ) together with the Malaysian Government will be running a F1 team (*has purchase over a BMW Sauber F1 team,?) and will be base eventually in Sepang Malaysia with Air Asia Tony Fernandas as Team Principle stating on the Grid for 2010. This Team is to be be name Lotus F1 / 1 Malaysia Formula 1 Team(*Note : conflicting reports on the Net!)

I can understand why we want to use Lotus, They were champions before, Malaysia (or at least Proton) own Lotus, So hopefully some of the luster will rub off to this current Malaysian Sponcered Team.

It will be interesting to see a stylize Jalor Gemilang F1 car going round 19 race trek, but then I suppose that Air Asia, Proton and Naza to be feature prominently on the car. I am also sure it will bring much publicity to Malaysia as a Tourist Destination, which I think is the main attraction to the Government.

But what will the Reaction of the Rakyat be? Will they think that it is worth the Money Spend?

And how about Face? If the Malaysian Team does not do well. after the Brawn Team 1st Year Magical Run, and Force India Not Bad performance, the expectation may be a bit too high. I for one do not want what happen to Alex Yoong at Team Menadi F1 to repeat.

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