Thursday, September 24, 2009

Food Tourism!

This seems to be a week for food tourism! From news report in Bernama, The Star, NST and other media. It all started I think just before Raya with the Tourism Minister started talking about food and the next thing you know every one is saying we need to "patent" laksa, chicken rice, chilly crab etc.

I agree with the above, Malaysia especially Penang is famous for its food, cheep, plentiful food avaliable 24 hours from hawkers stalls, original kopi tiam and restaurants. Not the new fusion style kopi tiam, food courts and restaurants. As such please promote the Malaysian and Penang Food.

Each State have in unique Delicacys that seem to originate from. Even very simmilar dish are given a twists that may or may not resamble the dish you know

if you order Laksa in
  • KL - (to be exact its call Curry Laksa) Yellow Noodles, curry sauce with seafood / chicken (generall) - In Penang we call this curry mee.
  • Penang - Thick Rice Noodles with spicy fish gravy, onions, lettuce, cucumber serve with Har Koe (Prawn Paste)
  • Johor - Spegetthi (Yes) with boil egg spicy fish gravy, onions, lettuce, cucumber.

Bee Farm, at Botanical Gardens, let give this a try, I will want to drop in and take a look at this place before I care to comment further. Its a good effort, and more "new" tourism products need to be attach to older tourism product to give it a fresh look. What I like about it is that entry is free (for now) I do hope there are guides or proper information on the bees, the farm and the products.

Malacca is also jumping on the food barn wagon by claiming the Hainanese Chicken Rice, May be it originate from there but there is Chicken Rice in Hainan Island, China as well. Just wiki it, I did and its found in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hainan, in all its many version

My only comment is that the Hainanese Chicken Rice in Malacca is serve with compress golf size rice balls, which is not found else where.

Update: There is also this dish that is commonly found in Penang, Singapore Bee Hoon with 2 variation in terms of colour, white and orange. the funny thing is that when I was working in Singapore for over a year. I cannot find this dish there ;- )

Well let they argue it out, publicty will spread, and hopefully there will be a Hainnanese Chicken Rice Tour, that will bring and let people try out the Thai Version, Melacca Version, Singapore Version (High class in Hotel) and in The Hainan Version. And also the Malay version of Fried Chicken Rice, The Result will be Airline, Hotel, Kopi tiam will all gain. ;-) the entire tourism sector.......... in various countrys.

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