Monday, September 28, 2009

Food Fight! The Forgotten Food Revenge

Our Tourism Minister have put her foot in to the food.... I think......., Nasi Kandar sellers say they are genuine Malaysian Food (Born in Penang) but not listed. Penang Laksa, & Hokkian Mee Sellers are in now crying Foul, what next, What happen to Loh Mee, Peranakan (Nonya) cusine, Loh Bak, Lam Mee and many of the other unlisted Malaysian and not so Malaysian food like Singapore bee hoon that seem only to be found in Malaysia.

Loh Mee - Best if eaten in Penang. Not so well known Penang Dish

I think it is time for our tourism minister, Datok Ng Yen Yen to take a step back, and get the Malaysian Public (not the tourism ministry staff, workers, associates and other which have self interest) to set up a data bank of “Malaysian” food via the internet and have fun voting what the top 20 Malaysian food, ie what Malaysian consider what is ours.

Food Bloggers are doing so in their blog, but I think it may be time to compile it in to a large dictionary of Malaysia Food that will cut across all race. This data Bank can be categorise in to General Malaysian, State, District and even Town, as there are manu variation of the same type of food.

If you ask me what is my list of Malaysian food, you will definitely fine it skewered towards, a Chinese, Penang, Kedahan, West Malaysian Favourites. I am sure that there are many foods that we do not really know about due to geographical or demographic or even race barriers, items like Lira Nipah, Laksam (Kedah/Perlis Laksa), Ikan Perkasam, Mee Kolo, Sata, Keropok Lekor and so on which a KLnite would not know about, but a Sabahan, Kedahan, East Malaysia would. However certain regional favourites like the like Ayam Percik that have manage to over come this barriers and have spread all over.

For me, anyone can claim anything, this food was first made here or there, but I believe that food or dishers have their origins somewhere and there is nothing completely new and what we have is adapted due to cultural, demographic, taste reasons, Just like the Humble Koey Teow Thng, what you get in Penang Island (Duck Meat Base) is different from the Main Land (Pork Base), Ipoh (Chicken Base) and in KL, though techincaly it is the same dish.

So Let Eat and enjoy all the goodies we have in Malaysia, Like my family breakfast at the Tanjung Bungah Market this Sunday, at the Tanjung Bungah Market, for the Kids Malasianise American Breakfast, for my wife the the Hidden Penang Favourite of Loh Mee (Fact is I never had this dish till I mmet my wife when i was 27) and I had my favourite the Internationally Renown Char Koey Teow (Chinese Style)

Let other try to claim the Chilly Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh, if they can execute the dish that well why not. they will bring recornition to this dishers that are avaliable here, but then they do now have the verity we have, Lam Mee, Loh Mee, Penang (Nonya)Laksa, Nasi kandar, loh bak, chun peah, Ipoh Koey teow and much much more and its usually the best if eaten in Penang!

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