Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Result for the 2nd day of the 100 Plus Malaysian Junior Open 2009


Result of as at the 2nd day of the100 Plus Malaysian Junior Open 2009

In the team event Malaysia is manage to maintaining the lead and end up winning the team event with a total stroke of 295, with Singapore as second by one stroke (310) over India which recorded a total score of 311.

For the Boys Malaysian Mr Able at 141 strokes at first place and Malaysian Team Mate Mr Galvin at 142 stokes with Singaporean J. Poh at 149 strokes

Malaysian Ms Kelly lost her lead in the first day to end up second at 153 strokes, Ms Marvi of Philippines is first at 152 strokes, and In Third Place at 154 stokes is Ms Suchya a Thai Player.

Tomorrow will be the final day of the compertition. Can Malaysian maintain it leed in the boys event, and Ms Kelly improve her results to get the first place for the girls event?

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