Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Panoman for N82


I just tried out the Panoman application which came together with the N82, After reading its help page, Its user friendly, its 100% automatic and does a commendable job of stitching the photos together into one long image without any seams. All you have to do is hold the camera steady and turn, and pray that the weather do not turn on you.

After a few trails, I found that it work best if the light is steady, any changes the camera will use different settings and that where the photo do not turn out that well, some photo lite, some photo dark, and when it’s all stitch together its quite noticeable. It’s a Pity actually for something this good, but this seems to be its only weakness.

It’s can do a 180 degrees photo at the maximum, but customizable to anything less than that.

The Panoramic Photo of the a Pool side, in this post have is the best of my 10 attempts while waiting for the result of the 100 Plus Malaysian Junior Golf hosted by Bukit Jawi Golf Resort.

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