Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Age Massage Chairs


I am sure you have seen the old massage chairs and shopping centers, the big chunky chairs that take in RM1 coins? well there is no more RM1 coins now. Gintel have came up with this sleek Massage Chairs which I saw at Mega Mall Prai, I tried it out and well its not bad, RM1 note get you 3 min, RM5 get you 15 min and RM10 will get you 30 min of mechanical Massage, and a place to sit while your better half goes shopping.

I tried it out, and its not bad, wish it was more stiffer, but the what do you expect for RM1? Have to try out the RM5 next time I go to Mega Mall or I can find the chairs in other place. Mega Mall is not one of my favorite place to visit, due to its car park.

1 comment:

  1. I have tried the RM5 and found it to be absolutely brilliant


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