Saturday, August 15, 2009

Credit Card Promotion at Shopping Center

this is a rant!

I get seriously annoyed with the current sprat of credit card promotion, Ok you want to improve your business, that fine, but when it start to be like every time you enter a shopping center you get attack by a swamp of credit card promotion people asking you to sign up for a card, then I think its high time we consumers do some thing about it.

Yesterday while going to a shopping center I got approach 4 time, ONCE when i enter, the 2nd time when I when to the car park to lock up the items I purchase, the 3rd time when I reenter the shopping center to go to a restaurant, and the 4th time when I return from the Toilet to the restaurant.

Now these promoters get paid for every one that sign up, regardless of approval if I am not mistaken, if approve they get higher pay, so they attack, and attack, and I get fed up. The Best is when they start speaking in Mandarin which I don't understand, I give them my blank look and I then start talking in German...... hehehe

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