Friday, August 28, 2009

I am Concern, Very Concern

Chua Soi Lek got expel from MCA, for something that happen 21 months ago, so now WHO is the BN coordinator for the Pakatan Rakyat States?

While in Penang, The Propose Tiger Park at Relau was shot down right from the beginning, The Newly Propose Eco Park in Telok Bahang, is getting bash in the Star, Page M3 28th August 2009, with (to me that is, week and snide) remarks like not having a habit for proper maintenance, protect environment aspects etc from various organisation and people.

Penang need more Touristic Venue’s, We already have eating venues, historic venues, some night life venues, some natural venues, we need more manmade activity base venues, (just look at how many such manmade activity base venues langkawi have) just to keep up. One can only eat so much you know. That if we want more Tourist to come to Penang?

There are others as well that I will not mention due to race or politically sensitive issues but I am very concern as a Malaysian, for this country, for the future of my children in this country, my children can be considered 5th Generation Malaysians (if you count from my wife side)

The only Good news is that Our PM appointing Turnaround Specialist MAS CEO Dato Idris Jala, as a Senator and Minister to drive the National Key Performance Index. It shows that our PM is very concern on the KPI targets that were setup. He now knows that he, as well as the other BN candidates will be judge in the Next Elections on this KPI’s, and he is taking such drastic steps.

It does reflect badly on the original Minister assign to this task, but CHANGE in any organisation is hard and difficult as there are many employee, from the Rank and File, as well as Management, who does not care, or worst actively resists and badmouth changes.

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