Friday, August 28, 2009

Byram Forest Reserve, Penang

Byram Forest Reserve is located at Seberang Prai Selatan, Penang Mainland and it is a mangrove swamp forest reserve. Sorry No GPS coordinates, forgot to bring along my GPS.

I had a change to visit this area, unexpectedly and travel around the reserve in a 4 wheel drive along a track that was built on a bund. (Please do come here in a old 4 wheel drive)

These 2 photo were taken near the entrance of the Reserve, there is a Play ground and a few sheds.

On the other side of the River Mouth, there is a fishing complex, with a lot of fishing activity both the inshore and the open seas verity.

A speeding fishing boat returning home!

Inshore fisherman fishing for Tiger Prawns!

Fish Farming (seabass) near the Forest Reserve.

A interesting place to visit! All the Photo was taken from the front seat of the 4 wheel drive!

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