Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hand Noodles Restaurant, Bukit Minyak

Superb food, but some how the dish is ordered does not taste right to my malaysian taste buds........

Hand Noodles Restaurant in located at Krico Superstore at Bukit Minyak, its the branch, the original is located in Pulau Tikus Penang, and its serve mainly noodles of varios colour and types. Food here is superb, excellent, tasty, Ambiance is superb, excellent, Unfortunately I do not quite like it. I find the Food Strange.

Restaurant Entrance

The Restaurant

The restaurant is nicely set up with square table of 4's and round table of 6's and all the condiments (soya sauce, chilly flakes, chili sauces), cutlery's you need is all on the table for you to help your self. Ambiance - A Plus, there are a number of newspaper write up prominently place all over in side and outside the restaurant.

Prepared Mis En Place (F&B Speak for items ready in advance)

The food here seem to have elements from Taiwan, Korea and Japan.......... I ordered a BBQ Pork Belly Dry, with Beet root Raman what arrive is pictured below..... come with 2 side dish and a dessert RM13.90 +

What I got was a dark red noodles topped with kungpo (dry chili) sauce and fried pork belly.

My drink, some sort of tea, call Hawberry Tea, sourish taste, wife had the herbal tea together with set.

Children Set, French Fries, Jumbo Sausage, Ramen and a Tea Drink (Hawberrry) serve in plastic cutlery, RM 4.90 each X2

The Side Dish we ordered, we took two sets so we can order 4 side dish, 2 oyster omelet - good, small portion, no starch, one dumpling (superb, the best, If I come back to this restaurant this is what i will order) and Kimchi - a bit flat to my salty taste buds.

Above is the Seafood Hongkong set, 3 big prawns, green mussels, sotong, My wife give it the thumbs up RM21.50 per portion.

They also charge for Plain Water at RM0.50

Total Damage for us - RM54.55 , not bad

Again food is good, better then good unfortunately to me just not to my taste buds.

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