Friday, August 21, 2009

15 Malaysia - Potong Saga

I had a good laugh.

This short film by Ho Yuhang with the principle cast Namewee of the Negaraku saga, sure tickle my funny bone.

Synopsis by 15 Malaysia

"A laugh-out-loud film about a Chinese boy’s misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account."

My Comment
A Chinese boy had a dream on opening a Islamic Bank Account, ......... see the story your self.

This story indeed touch on some thing most Malaysian find "important", and it does it in a humorous way, with the name of the clip getting me to think it is about the National Car Proton Saga, being cut up or join to be resold! initially that is. Most importantly it struck a cord within me, and I do think others malaysians, especially on the potong part, the misconception of terms and condition of opening a Islamic Bank Account

5 thumbs up ! for more click on this link here

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