Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Eats at Swee Garden Restaurant at Nibong Tebal, Penang

Not too far away from the Famous Cheng Kee Restaurant of Nibong Tebal there is this hidden treasure of a restaurant that in my opinion as well as someothers is just about as good as Cheng Kee or if not better due to the crowd of patrons, come late at 8pm you may have to wait for a hour for your food. Swee Garden Restaurant is located just behind Maybank Nibong Tebal. GPS Location of Maybank is N 05.10.091 E 100.28.654.

Their three best dish here to me are the Thai Style Deep Fried Pork Leg, the Nibong Tebal Signature Dish, Too Boh sui, which translate out to be Boil Octopus and finally Lala (shell fish).

Thai Style Deep Fried Pork Leg

Reminds me of German Pork Leg except no musturd

Boil Octopus

People will drive all the way to Nibong Tebal for this dish!


  1. The steam prawn is one of the best...

  2. Whoooo, that is ONE freaky picture of octopus :S :S EEPS!


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