Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fuel Saver : M3 Kompressor

Just install a fuel Saver call a “Kompressor” to my old faithfull,(My Proton Wira Aeroback 1.3lt) yesterday afternoon at a car accessories shop at Nibong Tebal. This gadget came highly recommended by a colleague who owns a 1.3lt Proton Satria and I finally fond the time and the spare cash to fit it. Cost RM100/- inclusive of installation.

It seems to work by adding more air to the fuel mixture, with claims of increase power of 5% to 35%, and so far seems to generate a bit more power and I do not have to press the accelerator that hard during my trail run to butterworth especially on the uphill / up ramp spots. I just refuel in the morning so let see how far this tank full and the next will take me before I come to any conclusions. Hopefully there will be significant fuel savings. Stay tune for the results if any.

Note : Previously, the RM50 fuel (premium) I will get around 320km to 390km, averaging around 350km before refuelling, ie 12.63km per lt.

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