Monday, June 8, 2009

Hotel Services

I stumble across this from a blog and it got me thinking. The comments is from

Customer’s expectation? What do customers expect from a hotel?

As a person who has work in many hotels, 2 star to 5 star, in small towns to cities, I am in a way not surprise, by the above comment. Somehow or other customers staying in a hotel have a HIGH expectation, no matter what rate they pay.

One example is Seri Malaysia Hotels, which mostly do not have lifts and swimming pools , Now Seri Malaysia Hotels are basic 2 star Hotels, are low rise mostly. Most customers in Seri Malaysia will comment on this two fact.

Full service or Basic Service?

Customers in general do expect good services, and the current crop of low price budget hotel privately run around the country in fact give better facilities then most 3 star chain hotels. One 24 room Hotel in the centre of Alor Star, even have 5 channel of Astro. Even some of the 3 star chain hotels don’t even offer that. I personally have stayed in a Budget Hotel in PJ, with super high pressure showers, lifts to the 3rd floor, nicely furnish rooms, 5 channel of Astro, 2 channel of Vision 4, all for RM 80 nett per room 2 years ago.

What Basic Services is expected?

Now a day, Unlimited Air con, Towels, In Room Entertainment, Shower, Clean and comfortable rooms etc are expected, free wifi appreciated.

What does Tune Air Hotel Provide?

Well according to the blog post, Very Small rooms, no towels, no air con(just a fan), no service, pick up your towel from the reception.

Will this be the new Hotel trend?

I Don’t think so. I think they are catering for a Niche Market. When people book a hotel room, I think they want a package, not select alacarte for basic expectation. People do expect some better comfort for room rate of RM100.

In General Tune Air hotel get their customer due to their Internet Marketing, and link with Air Asia, Tune Money etc Their Network. Their customer in general only want very basic services.

Is it value for Money?

Well, you do manage to get their basic rooms for very low rates, However if you factor what other hotel give in general as “basic” and include it the room rates that they will charge you for it, you may actually pay higher then another hotel. My comment is Yes and No. However in this case RM100, will usually get you a room will be with air-condition and towel.....

On another subject, I seem to be having problems in accessing websites today, and yesterday and today, i am having streamyx access problems.

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