Wednesday, June 3, 2009


In brief

Took a few days off, over the weekend, which coincide with the school holidays, In brief, I went over to the Island on Sat, and came back over on Sunday at around 3pm, Went shopping on Monday, and then took a exploring drive to Kedah, to a Thai Temple in Pendang.

Jam at the Highway

I pity the folks heading up North via the PLUS highway, at the Juru toll, they were lining up close to 3km. Some how or other In Malaysia if you travel at the wrong time, you will get caught in a Jam at the toll, even if you have your touch and go or smart tag with you.

Shopping complex car park

There is one in Seberang Jaya, that do not switch on all their lightings, at 7.30pm the car park is almost pitch black in certain areas. Over in Penang there is a certain car park that is flooded on the 7th floor. I would say the almost 50% of the floor space is flooded. The Managements seem more concern with other things. I for one will try to stay away from this places.

Exploring Kedah

I had a fairly nice exploring drive along the kedah country side. My wife wanted to find a obscure Thai Temple, so following the directions, it was a pleasant drive to Alor Star, North, and then to Pokok Sena, and then to the Pendang District. That were the MalSing maps started to give me problems, there are many country roads not on the map. Oh well, I manage to find the place, and then use the Garmin XT with MalSing map to find the fastest way back home. Now that work well. GPS helps, You still have to use your brain from time to time when the map set provided fail....... but getting home is not a problem.

Well after a 5 day break, it time to get back to work...........

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