Saturday, May 16, 2009

St Anne Church, Bukit Mertajam Penang - The New Church.

Statue of St Anne, Right infront of the New Church

Location : on the road out of Bukit Mertajam toward Kulim, Kedah

GPS Location: N 05 21 120 , E 100, 28, 641

Notice the Roof

As the Feast of St Anne received increasing numbers of followers, (one of the 20 biggest Catholic pilgrimages in the world,) it soon became necessary to construct a new church complex to accommodated all this people. The new church complex was begun in May 2000, and was dedicated on the St Anne's Feast Day of 26 July, 2002.

The New and the Old. On the left front is the New Church, with the Shrine (the old church) of St Anne on the right back.

The new building incorporates local elements such as multi-tiered Minangkabau roofing which blends with Gothic architecture (Seen from the top, it has a floor plan of a cross) with seating capacity of 1800, easily making it the biggest church building in the northern region of Malaysia.

Church Tower

For Photograph of Shrine of St Anne (the old church) plese see previouse post via the Bukit Mertajam Tab.

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