Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mat Rempit

It’s a hot topic in the media, on what can be done, with many many suggestion from name and shame to special bus route to discourage youngsters from riding motorbikes to town to community services and wearing of Special T-Shirts to confiscating their Motobikes. Now the Police have been stepping up road blocks at strategic locations to discourage the races, the thing is that this have to be step up and its is long term enforcement, keep up the good work.

The Key, I feel is addressing the youth the mat rempits them self, Nip off the trouble at the bud.

· Why do they seek the adrenaline rush of riding the motorbikes dangerously? They are bored that why. Give them some thing else to do, please note, some thing they can challenge each other and do when they like it, and does not cost money. Not organize activity but informal activity , suggestion like skating, skateboarding, Stunt biking, Futsal etc in proper low cost parks....... near housing estates especially at evenings and at night. Then organize proper competition with much publicity in the Media.

· The Cool factor being a champion mat rempit, from their peers and girls. – Reduce this factor, turn being a mat rempit in to a uncool factor. I think at the present moment Name them, (the mat rempits) will increase their cool factor actually.

· Their ability to modify their motorbikes – harness this, turn them into mechanics, highlight the danger of modification to discourage modification.

· Modify the races, now the key factor is speed, change it to skill riding. Like motocross.

· Lastly Charge them with Illegal assembly, they are in the open and in more the a group of 5 right?

Most importantly keep up the pressure on the Mat Rempits. Where they gather, there must be police. If they stop going there, find them. For us normal citizens being enclose by a group of more then 100 motobikes is a nightmare, especially when you are motoring on the country roads.

By being constantly vigilant on the road our visible police can kill two birds with one stone, reduce mat rempits races and deter crime at the same time.

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