Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nokia N82, Garmin Mobile XT GPS a Fast and Fun Look. GPS Review

I had more fun testing out the GPS using the Garmin application, after the installation, and doing the set up (more on those later, let talk about the fun stuff first).

Map Mode

I went for a short drive using Garmin, in the Map (Driving) mode, You will see a map, and your speed and heading, Orientation was set on Overhead, while zoom in to detail at 200m. It’s just like the map’s except by that you can set the top of the unit is the direction you are driving in, that nice; you can see exactly which way to turn.

Navigation Mode

While driving home at night, I enable Navigation Mode, Voice direction was clear. When to turn right, when to turn left, how far etc. You will see a map, with your speed and time to arrive at the destination.

Now I have the confidence to drive in KL, as long I know where I am going to, i.e. the coordinates or the location, as I discovered one thing, My housing area roads, which is on Nokia Maps, is not on Garmin Map, which is free from Malsingmaps (I think, that what the retailer said), Need to get that Map updated, or the housing is too new to be included yet or no one have contributed info in that area.

One more thing, if you set it at Auto Colours, you get a different look at night and at daytime automatically, Day is white background, Night is black background and very neonish , actually i prefer night mode, more eye candy, except day mode is easier to make out the names.

Routes, Simulate

Once Home and having key in My house location in Garmin, I started to explore Setting up Routes, and simulate driving from My house to My Work Place, except for the beginning of the Journey, as My house location is not located at a road, the journey is more a less what I use to go to work. I then put the Final destination as Tg Bungah, and simulate driving, It’s more a less the route I use as well for my weekly trip back. I then tested out certain parts where it’s very complicate to drive, well again the maps and voice direction is very clear.

Point of Interest

I also look up point of interest (food) around my work place, Tg Bungah, Butterworth, and George Town, to get a feel of what is in there, Informative, with a lot of points which I did not think it would be there, thanks to contributors to the Malsingmap (which I would like to join) it have listed out certain Popular Char Koey Teow sites in Penang, and even a Popular Burger (Chinese) Stall in Tg Bungah. Look like the contributors are foodies as well. I will certainly want to try out and blog on those Point of Interest here

Renavigation Mode.

I call it renavigation mode, On my way to work today, I purposely made a wrong turn off the route shown on the Garmin, the Garmin recalculated the route to use to get to work, I then turn off the route, again it recalculated. It a nice feature to have as there will be time where we have to turn off the route due to congestion or even the road is block (very common in KL) due to road works or even VIP’s in Transit.

Well I will certainly have fun with the GPS,

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