Monday, December 29, 2008

Using The Zoom with The Fuji S700, Camera Review

The Fuji S700, has both the Optical Zoom as well as the Digital Zoom. The Optical Zoom is 10 times, while the Digital Zoom is 5 times. This if use collectively work out to 50 times zoom, which mean an object 100 feet away will look just 2 feet away. That is the theory.

Realistically if you use more than 2x Digital Zoom you cannot get a "OK" picture, as when you digitally zoom, the photo breaks up or pixalize. Below are some shots taken at a Golf Course to demonstrate this. Control the zoom with the lever at the shuttle button.

Zoom is useful to compose Photographs.......

Photo No Zoom

Photo with X 5 Optical Zoom

Photo 10 x Optical Zoom

Photo 10 X Optical with 2 X Digital= 20 X Zoom Total, Image Still Ok.

Photo 10 X Optical, with 5 X Digital Zoom= 50 X Zoom Total

In this Last Picture, you can make things out, but the image is not good.

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