Monday, December 29, 2008

My Self

I am in my 40’s, trained in the Hospitality Trade, (the service industry) back in the late 80’s, and have been working in the hotel and restaurant trade in Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia, close to 20 years. I work, weekends, public holidays and long hours every day (a min 10 hours), Not a careers one would wish for.

I am a gadget freak, I am self taught in computers, never had a proper lesson from day 1, except for some Basic coding on an IBM Main Frame.

I love to read, Any Fiction book will do, But I love Sci Fi, War, Technology Fiction, Fantasy. I use to Patronise those 2nd bookstores in Macalister Road and later at the Penang Bazaar (Pg Road), when I was in my teens, Now with Wifi available, I have been introduce to the world of downloads and E books.

I also love to eat, I am way overweight at around 85kg, with a tummy of 36 inches now, (use to be 40 inches at maximum). Char Koey Teow is my favourite food, I use to indulge in a minimum of 2 plates a week when I was living on the island, Now it once a month, when every I visit mom and dad with my family, Char Koey Teow out of Penang Island do not taste just like Char Koey Teow at all, except for certain rare places.

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