Sunday, June 10, 2012

Galaxy W (Clean Up)

Having have my Galaxy w for the past 6 month, its time for some housekeeping, refreshing and new games & apps.

Note : this gps software have been recommended as it fun on android and have cordinates, - Sygie Navigator Premium . apk - plan to installed this

1. Having gone through all the apps in the hand phone, I decided that i do not need nearly 40 of them, so it all has been uninstalled.

To Unistall Apps
-> Setting -> Apps ->Manage Apps (you will see all your apps)

2. I decided on a new launcher, the Go Launcher ex, as it will give me a grid of 5 by 5 for home page, you will need to down load some widget to go with it , Note : when you change the launcher, you will need to give up some widgets in my case, my program manager is no more,

3. I decided for a new Life wall paper , it come built in, its a galaxy rotating in space.

4. Found a New calculator, Easy Calculator, that will replace samsung built in calculator which i cannot stand as it % key in only in landscape mode .

5. started to down load games (free)

a. Angry Bird
b. By pass Angry Bird Space as comment say in crashes
c. Apache Attack
d. Tiger of the Pacific 2
e. 3D bowling
f. Raging thunder
g. Air Control Lite
h. Galaxir
i. Pin Ball Deluxe
j. Robo Defence
k Tank Hero
l. army sniper

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