Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hawker food along Federal Road 1, at Sg Bakap Village

If you are looking for hawker food in the evening when passing by Sg Bakap, along the Federal road 1, 500 food court is a good place to stop, operating from 7pm till 12 + midnight, It offer all the usual food found in a penang food court, but it may be serve with a twist.

Wan Tan Mee - RM2.80 per, ok

Koey Teow Soup, with all pork spare parts, RM4.00 pricy but good, one SPS version

Dim Sum - RM14 for the lot above, Look commercial, but very nice, the chili sauce need improvement.

Satay Chicken - RM10 for 20 stick, good
Hokkian Mee, Penang Prawn Mee for those non Penang Lang RM3.20 cheep ok

Char Koey Teow - RM??? OK buleh makan .......

above are some of the food available, there are much more here

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