Friday, December 23, 2011

Lye Lye Kopitiam / Food Court

On of my favorite makan place, due to the following, ample parking, wide, airy (thanks to a roof that can open), not pricy, large verity of food, not too congested, hawkers that listen to your order. - Places like this is getting less and less, do not know how long the lease will last at this place.

its location is just off the Jalan Ayer Itam and Jalan Masjid Negeri main roads, Located at Jalan Terangganu, just behind Free School or Hang Chiang School

Delicious Wan Tan Noodles, one of the few stalls that offer the broad noodles instead of the thin narrow ones. Some how more satisfying. This hawker listen to you when you want a DRY version instead of the semi soup version that most hawker does for you. This come with a load of "Kachang / Peanuts" of deep fried pork lard!

Now at most food courts you will find a stall offering western dish, like speghetti

Ok Curry Mee Penang Style of Course !

Penang Poh Piah, Non Fried version of Spring roll

Koey Teow Soup, OK not bad

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