Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Strawberry Farm in Cameron Highlands

Strawberry's, Strawberry's, Strawberry's, If you hate Strawberry do not come to Cameron Highlands, Its every where, Fresh Strawberry, Dried Strawberry, Strawberry Juice, Strawberry in Chocolate, Fresh Strawberry with Ice cream, Strawberry Jam and so on, so far I have not seen Strawberry Fritters but then I could be wrong.

There are many "Farms" that concentrate on Strawberry's that will be a good place to visit. We drop by at Healthy Strawberry Farm near the Golf Course / Federal Holiday House. Its open from 7.30am till 7pm, and you can (it seasonal though) pick your own strawberry and purchase and also enjoy there various forms of strawberry.

Here is the entrance, as well as the growing areas (right and left of the entrance) of the farm.

Photo taken with my Trusty Fuji S700 Super Zoom Camera
Auto Setting, Macro Mode (zoom in), crop, and resize.

Some how Strawberry's seem to be sweeter in Cameron Highlands

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