Friday, November 18, 2011

Ipoh Famous Bean Sprout Chicken

Its a family tradition that if we drive past Ipoh, State of Perak Capital, (those ancient days with out the north south highway) it's a must to stop for a meal of the Famous Ipoh Koey Teow Soup. Now having my own kids, I am trying to keep to that tradition.

Passing by Ipoh, in the early evening, on the way down from Cameron Highlands, we stop in Ipoh for a early dinner, for Ipoh Famous Bean Sprout Chicken, instead of the Ipoh Koey Teow soup as the Kopi tiam serving that is close at Night.

Thanks to Garmin XT installed in my Nokia 5800, I manage to locate the famous Lou Wong Taugeh Ayam shop at Jalau Yau Tet Shin, N04,35,640 E 101,05,058, the most popular of the 3 Beansprout co-located at this road junction. Unfortunately it was close, so we just when to the other shop.

We order 1/2 a chicken, 1 small beansprouts, 1 Fish ball soup, 3 rice, 2 bowl of koey teow, 2 longan drink, and 3 plain water, total damage came to RM41.

Wife love the koey teow, super smooth, I found the rice a just tad under cook, The Chicken was nicely cook, but (being Kampong Chicken?) a bit on the hard side. The Bean Sprout was perfectly cook, crunchy!

Just opposite here, there is also a shop selling the Famous Ipoh Salt Bake Chicken. As you can see in the above photo there is suppose to be a Pasar Malam that night at this location (Man setting up his tent), but unfortunate due to bad weather arriving (see the black clouds) we have to leave.

Road side Lime Stone Hills

Ipoh is famous for its Crunchy Beansprouts, Smooth Koey Teow, Salt Bake Chicken and also I heard Fish Noodles (Actual noodles make with mince fish). Its also famous for Chinese Temples in Lime Stone Hills. Am Planning to Visit. It will all depend on timing! Juggleling the schedule of 3 children is not a joke.

With all the limestone hill around and practically right at the roadside, Ipoh have the potential to be "Haven" for Rock Climbing in Peninsular Malaysia. Anyway that is not my decision to make. Bye.

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