Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Time trying out Nando Peri Peri Chicken

Nando Peri Peri Chicken@ Quensbay Mall, Penang

Had a late lunch today 2pm, after a few private meeting and attempting to see an Andriod (Mid) Tablet, at Queensbay Mall. I decided on Roast Chicken as it was a long time since I had roast chicken in Restaurants. Of the 3 Roast Chicken Place, at the mall I went to the only Roast Chicken Place I have not tried out before, Nondos.

I ordered the Peri Peri Soup, with Garlic Bread, The ¼ chicken (Lemon and mild flavor) with 2 sides of Potato Salad and Coslaw, and a Bottomless Ice Lemon Tea. Damage came up to RM32+, to me its a tad expensive for a chicken meal for one person.

The Peri Peri Sauce was unusual, I tried the garlic one (not enough garlic ummph – to me that is, it was Spicy! enough) The chicken was well cook, but not tough or dry (I was serve the breast part) So it got a high rating for me, the sides, coslaw was the vinegar type, but its nice not complaints though I am more use to the mayo type, the potato salad was skin on covered with a thousand island type of sauce. The bottomless Ice Lemon tea was the usual commercial type, and was indeed bottomless once the service staff hit their stride, They refill my glass 3 times, even after I ask for the bill.

Would I choose Nondos over Kenny Rogers and Dave Deli. Yes I would, if only for the sit down service provided. Thumbs up, and Keep it up

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