Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alza (Fuel consumption at 1st Tankfull of Petrol)

Alza (1st Tankfull of Petrol)

I have refilled twice, 1st time was a few days ago, to make sure that it was a full tank, the 2nd time just now.


Alza 1.5lt, Premium Model, Auto Transmission, Running In Engine ODO Reading 591km, No modifications, ESSO 95 Petrol (Nibong Tebal)

  • Distance Travel : 334km, 50% Highway, 70km with 5 in the vehicle and full load of luggage.
  • Average Speed : 60kmph to 80kmph
  • Petrol use : 24.74lt (RM1.90 per lt – Total Pump 47.01)


  • Lt Per 100km = 7.4 lt
  • Km Per lt use = 13.50km
  • Current Cost per KM at RM1.90 per lt = RM 0.14

Comments: Not bad in my opinion for an Auto Transmission, especially while Running in the Engine, the fuel consumption is better than my previous vehicle 1.3lt, manual transmission average of around 12.5km per lt. Opinion is base upon my previous use vehicles ie Proton Iswara 1.5 lt manual, Wira Aeroback 1.3lt Manual, Waja 1.6 Auto

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