Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Future Ride? Perodua Alza, Versatile!

Is it time to retire my 10 year old ride? What will be the replacement Car be?.

My 11 year old ride, a Proton Aeroback 1.3 Manual is sure feeling its age. Maintenance costs is going up monthly, even after major repairs the whole of 2010, with more to come. This costs and the monthly installment of 2 more years is making me question the viability of continuing to maintaining this car.

But first what car will I need to fit my future needs and wants yet fit to my very minimal budget? Family getting bigger, cannot take my parents out with my present car as all the seats are taken up, Future may have plans to do some small business on my own, a vehicle that my wife also can drive, and a low running costs ie low fuel consumption.

As As such I am indeed thinking for MPV that can be once awhile 7 seater, and this basically needs together with my very minimum budget leave me 3 choice, the lowest price mpvs in the current market. The Others being above RM80K. Proton Exora, Toyota Avanza, Perodua Alza.

Firstly the Proton Exora, Most important It’s a Proton, (My first 2 cars were also Proton,) It should have the latest technologies as it just launch in early 2009. 1.6lt engine but body is Big, & its heavy, 300kg more then the other 2 choice, as such from what I read, it’s consume fuel at around 8km per lt of fuel according to the internet buzz I read. Price Range from RM57K up to RM77, from the bare basic model to the most expensive one.

Secondly the Toyota Avanza, It’s a 6 years old design, its design for Indonesia roads (rough, floods), by Toyota, ie should be reliable, using old but proven tech, It was very recently given a very minor face lift, with no change in Price. Its suppose to be fuel economical at around 12km per lt. However beware highway speed driving, as it seem the gear ratio is optimize for town. Price start at RM60K for 1.3 manual, RM70K for a basic 1.5lt auto, RM75k for safety feature Version, RM 79K for a leather seat, body kit version. From the Internet Buzz its bouncy to say the very least, one bolg say its like boat in a storm.

Last came Perodua Alza, In theory Perodua has a better built reputation then Proton. Perodua factory even assemble the Avanza. The Alza is basically a rebadge Toyota Passo Sette / Dihatsu Boon, built on a stretch platform of the Perodua Myvi, Malaysian top selling car at the moment Oct 2010 per CBT.com, and this Myvi is even more expensive (in most versions) then the Proton (New) Saga!

Alza is new like the Exora, so it have the latest tech is inside, but its smaller, and thus lighter, Alza also share the same engine as the Avanza, with a matching fuel consumption of 12km per lt. The Problem with Alza is when you seat 7, you practically have no luggage space at all. Alza Manual Price starts from RM56K (basic), RM 60+K (safety features), RM 67K with body kit, leather seat, integrated GPS) while the auto version is RM 59K, RM64K, RM 70K (all have 1.5lt engine)

My decision is to purchase the Alza Auto, Premium Spec, even though its smallest, It should fit my basic needs, daily it only be my self, twice a week my family of 5 persons for meals and shopping, once a month back to kampong with 5 and luggage and I only need a 7 seated once in a while when I take my parents out, and it cost RM64K per copy, the cheapest of the lot, with ABS, Air Bag, and the lowest fuel consumption.

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