Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Langkawi Buffalo Park, Langkawi Part 12

Buffalo Park, Langkawi Part 12

GPS Location N06.22.420 E 099.45.763, no road shown.

Recently in the Media, there were some publicity of our Tun Dr Mahathir (our beloved former Prime Minister) have started up a Buffalo Milk Cheese Factory in Langkawi, call the Friendly Farms.

Shortly after that it seems that there is also a Buffalo Park (very near Friendly Farms) that have Buffalo Rides, Buffalo Steak, and Buffalo Ice Cream. Yummy we thought!

We found directional signage to the Buffalo Park, just after visiting Makam Mahsuri and Gunong Raya, with it being around 3.30pm (Buffalo Park is surpose to be open till 6pm) decided that it’s time for a early dinner of Buffalo Steak and Buffalo Ice Cream.

Following the signage we were led to a overflowing dam, the road is under at least one feet under water. No way our car is going to cross this (see Picture below).

Not to be discourage with this minor obstacle, we headed to the Air Port and pick up another series of Directional Signage.

This small “Mini Tar” Kampong Road led us successfully to the Buffalo Park, and the Friendly Farms (which is just behind the Buffalo Park – you can see the Friendly Farm Signage @ Buffalo Park Car Park), The Road is narrow, just one car can move along, so it was lucky that we did not encounter any car along the road, and this road is off my GPS Map!

This should have given us warning signs. Even reaching here at 5pm, they are suppose to be open till 6pm, we found both place close, No Buffalo Steak, No Buffalo Milk Ice Cream. Snob Snob. Though we manage to get some photos of the outside.

What out for this sign!

Road? to Buffalo Farm - Not on GPS

The lonely Buffalo at Friendly Farms

Friendly Farms Show Room

Buffalo Park Grill Corner

Activities Area

Albino Buffalo

Milking Machine

More Buffalo here

view of Friendly Farms from Buffalo Park Car Park, its that close

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