Friday, October 15, 2010

Malaysian Budget 2011 life

K that the end. have to review again what was said.


Govt Servant Bonus RM500


Minimum Basic wage for Sec Guards, then some thing on maternity leave


talking on education, importance of pre school


smart phones will be given sales tax exemptions?


now talking on agriculture .... tourism now, RM85M to facilitiate construtions of hotel
RM50M for shaded walk way , RM100M for a eco resort in sabah? star say RM3B , 300 items popular with tourist and local import duty abolish? inc golf balls, clothing, perfume...

Update 4.40pm

Relief for Green Tech


Bumiputra Property Trust Scheme

Updaate 4.30 pm

GLC will reduce / diversify their shares


the budget speech have started. Am waiting

Our Prime Minister will be announcing the Budget for 2011 this afternoon, and I will be stuck in front of the TV watching it.

Why? well if there is any increase (rumor of 10% increase) in sin tax especially in Liquor, Beers, Cigarettes, as I have to work out the new selling price at the restaurant. (most of the oversea guests is already complaining on our beer price)

Hopefully there will be some good news for all and especially for my income bracket, and what is the future direction will our PM be Steering Malaysia towards.

As I am stuck in front of the TV, i might as well blog on what that is in store for us next year Life. :-)

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