Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time now due to a few issuers namely as followers however I will be continuing this lifestye blog, but in a different manner.

  • The Rising Cost of Living in General

From the time I started blogging, the general rising cost of living have been hitting us here in malaysia, harder and harder, with efforts to cut costs in our daily life, potential visits to restaurants and even kopitiams, have to be put off, what more visits to touristic place or even stays in Hotel. As such Food Blogging have been reduced, Holiday Tourist Blogging have to be curtail, it is time to reexamine the direction of my blogging.

  • Retirement

At 46, I do have to make plans for retirement. I have all this while been working in the Service (Hospitality) Industry specializing in Food and Beverage, While it has been rewarding, I manage to earn a living for me & my family, It have not reward me in terms of wealthy especially for my retirement.

Sadly this is true with most worker in this industry, as we start with a very small basic, and depend on points (derive as the 10% service tax and does not have a retirement epf deduction) to make it up to a living wage. Our entire salary (inclusive points and tips) is taxable, but only the basic have a EPF deduction that both the employee and the employer have to pay.

Oh I am luckier then most as I manage to work my way up to management position where I only get a better basic pay but no points nor tips, but even then with close to 35 years working, by 55 I will only have around 300K in my Epf, I hardly able to sustain myself and my wife for 15 more years (say I knock off at 70) that is without further emergencies.

It look like I have to continue working till 60 or even 65, if some one still wants me or try to open a small business, in order to sustain my self. Which is what me and my wife is trying to figure out, and to see if my blogging can be adjusted to assist in my retirement.

  • Car Problems

For the past few month car repairs have been taking priority,

My Car for the past 10 years seems to have a black hole in the engine consuming engine oil. After Service Any Engine oil will start disappearing after 1000k to 2000k, or one month. Esso / Mobile Engine oil will last for around 2 months. No Smoke from the Exhaust either, From Newspaper Advice to Mechanic Advice, I have change my engine valve seals (twice) and the piston rings (trice) but no mechanic is able to work out this problems. My last Mechanic advice me to change the engine (but no guarantees).

From the beginning of the year, my car have been testing my patience as well as my wallet, First, the mid engine gasket started leaking, then then fuel line ruptured, then it was the gear oil next, the breaks and shock absorbers (all4) have to be replace. Then came the tires. Well it all done now, hopefully and touch wood that it will last for some time before some thing else come. The good news is finally with this new Car Dr, the black oil problem have been fix and he some how manage to make my car more economical on top of it. A Tankful now last me up to 500km, instead of my usual 420km....... Could it be the Amoil engine oil he recommended or some of the extra gadget (relay) he plug in to my aircon?

  • Work Issuers

I wont be discussing that here

  • New Net Book

I just purchase a New Net Book a Branded one, more on this later

  • New Credit Card

With all the rising cost, A Credit Card may not be a good idea, but then the need to have a emergency cash/money/payment method has overriding priority.

  • Camera

My Fuji Pine Pix S700 flash cannot pop up any more, a visit to the camera shop say go to fuji for repairs and a e mail to fuji tech center in malaysia got no reply even after 2 weeks. Sad.

As Mention above, I will still be blogging, but in a different manner, this blog will be more on the technical, my rants, my outlook in life, movies and show I watch, software, apps and gadgets I use with Penang Food and Penang Tourism posting will take a step back and publish in New Blogs (to be decided later)

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