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Nokia 5800 vs The I Phone, A comparison

Nokia 5800 vs The I Phone, A comparison


I have seen reference to Nokia 5800 as a I phone killer on one of the websites (, My Question is the Nokia 5800 that good?, It does sell well (till there is no stock in certain parts of this country). 1 . Does the Nokia 5800 sell more than the I phone? 2. Is the Nokia 5800 better in terms of Specifications 3. is the Nokia 5800 better then the I Phone in terms of customer Friendliness? 4. Brand Conscious? Which is better? Please correct me (via the comments if the specifications mention is wrong)

1. Numbers Sold?

I have read somewhere on the web that Nokia have sold 8 million units of Nokia 5800 from the launching date, however it seems that Apple have sold 13 million plus I phone in 2008 alone. (Well Apple only has one model while Nokia sell many different models) So the I phone have won in terms of sheer numbers sold .

2. Specifications? - info from and other sites

For Fun I did a comparison (info from the many internet web sites) comparing the 2 phones in terms of specification ie numbers and items that can be track.

Display : 360 by 640 vs 320 by 480 Nokia 5800 1, I Phone 0

Talk Time : 8.25 hrs vs 10 hrs Nokia 5800 1, I Phone 1

Standby Time: 406 hrs vs 300 hrs Nokia 5800 2, I Phone 1

Processor Speed : 434mhz vs 624 mhz Nokia 5800 2, I Phone 2

External memory : Micro SD Card vs Nil Nokia 5800 3, I Phone 2

Internal Memory : 81mb vs 16gb Nokia 5800 3, I Phone 3

Camera : 3.15 mp vs 2 Mp Nokia 5800 4, I Phone 3

Update : I Phone 3GS has 3mp camera

Flash : Twin Led VS Nil Nokia 5800 5, I Phone 3

Jawa : Yes vs Not Mention Nokia 5800 6, I Phone 3

Radio : Yes vs Not Mention Nokia 5800 7, I Phone 3

Weight: 109 grms vs 133 grms Nokia 5800 8, I Phone 3

Screen: 3.2 in vs 3.5 in Nokia 5800 8, I phone 4

I Phone have better specs at the Processor Speed (good lead), internal memory and in the talk time category. Nokia 5800 leads in the standby time, Display size pixels even with a smaller LED display size, have external memory capabilities, better camera specs and flash, capable of Jawa, Radio, and weight is lighter. Overall I would say that the Nokia 5800 is slightly better in specs.

3. Customer Friendliness

Nokia 5800 has Removable Batteries, Upgradeable Memory, Video Calls, Voice Recording etc

I Phone has lots of Apps, much more the Nokia 5800, also has I Tunes , which do not work in Malaysia Last I heard.

Nokia 5800 is much more pocket friendly then the I Phone, in Malaysia Price for a Nokia 5800 is around RM1K +-, while the I Phone is in the Region of RM2K plus for the 3G plus and is usually come lock in a data contract. The Nokia 5800 comes unlock and can be use in which ever service provider you are using or plan to use.

I do think that the Nokia 5800 is more user / customer friendly as you can upgrade memory via the micro sd card, change batteries at any time you want, have a slightly better camera and with flash. Jawa enable, with radio and most importantly much lighter on your pocket.

4. Brand Conscious

This is the place where the Nokia 5800 really loose out to the Apple I phone. Brand Conscious. People go “woo” when they see a I Phone, 5800 get practically no response at all. Apple Products do have a certain positive reputation, especially in terms of being a “Better” and “Superior” product especially when compared with Nokia or any other technology brand out there.


Is Nokia 5800 the I phone killer? I don’t think so, Apple I phone has too much brand conscious riding on it, too good reputation especially on the friendliness of the touch screen, for even a slightly superior in specification smart phone to dethrone it. (Now wait a moment, I am not saying that the Nokia 5800 is a superior smart phone to the I phone)

The only way the I phone can be dethrone is a much higher specification phone, which has not any faults or defects, better built quality and sold much cheaper then the I Phone, then it will stand a chance. Beside the Nokia 5800, there is now Samsung Ommi 2, Black Berry Storm 2, LG Xenon, HTC Hero, and many others challenging the I Phone. Phones with much higher specification such as 1G processor speed, 4.1 in screens, 12.1 mpixels cameras, and so on. see

Actually even with much higher specs phones and cheaper prices, this phones or future phones may not even kill off the I Phone, Why? If Apple really start to be more friendly and bring in standard features, ie removable batteries, removable memory slots, flash, etc couple with their current Branding, they will remain in the lead for many years to come, I have stumble across a web that predicted 80 million I Phone will be sold by 2012. Wow.

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