Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reflections at the end of 2009 (for a Penangite)

Reflections at the end of 2009 (for a Penangite) @snapshots

Went back to Penang Island over the weekend after about a month and that got me thinking and reflecting for the past one year. It has been an event full year so to speak, too many things to think about

The Political Divide

I do think that, the number uno’s Score points with me, however the kuncu kuncu more then fail, “1 Malaysian” is very good, so was “Work with me”, however most of the implementers and the rest of the political gang seem to think it “Me first”. Sigh! :-(

While the other side of the political divide (while being just born so to speak) seem to be putting their foot in to their mouth every day, for going their own way. Don’t they understand they have to work together to win big?

BN MCA boat is still stormy with the current youth head being attack, every one in there seems to be looking at their own agenda only, but not the MCA nor the Nation nor the Chinese Agenda. Status Quo is not the answer, guys, you have to regroup and to get back to basic, look in to the declining Chinese population, do not ignore the English/Bahasa educated Chinese, look into ensuring economic well being, you don’t want Chinese youth to be selling DVD or becoming just Ah loong do you? Wake up!

MIC seems to have quietened down with the number one there unshakeable.

Shoddy Workmanship

Terangannu seem to be hit by a sprat of shoddy workmanship, time for some serious checks there.


1.New Police Stations seems to be mushrooming up at housing estates, At Paya Terbong, Ayer Itam there is a new station house in a Terrace House. But will it make a difference? There was a Robbery in broad daylight of a jewellery shop just 50 meters away from a Police Station just this month!

2.Police Man on Stationary Beat, - Notice in my “out in the kampong” town area, police seems to be more active, like being station near Banks, and conducting Road Block along Kampong Roads near housing estates, That good, will keep the rift rife away.

Infact have Policeman walk around all Pasar Malam Areas as well.

I do think the top brass are trying their best, Overall the Police have been doing good work, however beware of bad apples.

In Penang

There also seem to be Construction Boom on the Northern Part of the Island A number of Project on hilly slope is almost ready (want to own a Malaysian Home on Stilts like a kampong house and on hilly ground, overseeing the sea?). Coming soon should be “Boon Siew Land” at Vale of Tempe Road, Tg Bungah near the TAR College, Land is being clear, and the consequence is that one of my favourite Chicken Rice is now Relocated to the Tg Bungah Market.

At Batu Ferringi, probably PERDA also want to build sea facing house on the Hills just like Ivory is doing currently,as PERDA is clearing and reclaiming its land there.

Gurney Drive on X mas Day eve, always have a bit of a ruckus, with some the ppl celebrating got a bit too happy and became too rowdy. Me I have not been to Gurney Drive for Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, and Chinese New Year Eve at all. I am either working at 12 midnight or sitting at home. But then Gurney Drive on these days has been notorious. Go there at your own peril. Don’t like traffic jams any way.

Riding Bicycles - With some State Assemblyman promoting bicycle riding, including Tanjung Bungah Assemblyman, I noted there is more Bicycle Riders (on sport bike) along the Julutong Highway and also at around Tg Bungah Batu Ferringi Area.

Its Visit Penang year 2010 – 2012, off to a quite start, hopefully it will bring in more Noon Group Base Foreign tourist in to Penang, and surrounding areas. More publicity on this is required all over Malaysia and the world.

State Tourism Event Organizers have woke up a bit, concerts every Saturday at the Esplanade during the school holiday. These events, inclusive of more participative events, can bring in more tourist but it need to be consistent. It better than spending money on road shows and junkets but once you arrive there is no culture or events going on. Oh yes please do promote this event in more ways then just putting up buntings. Do not Shoik Sendiri Sahaja, or organise Pesta Rakyat Penang.

Row Row Row your boat, Having the Dragon Boat at Queensbay enable more spectators then having it at the dams you know. After all what a sport with out spectators and supporters. Dragon Boat use to be held at Gurney Drive, then relocated to BM Dam then move to Telok Bahang Dam. Practically impossible to go there and park. Now Spectators can see what’s dragon boat is all about once more.

Kek Lok Si, Octagon Pavilion is now open, Read about it in the papers, saw the night photo, beautiful, when there, will blog on it later, but it’s not 100 % ready. What the rush? I cannot go up to the foot of the Kuan Yin statue, and that darn Crane is still there, so why declare it open.

Widen Penang Bridge, traffic going in and out of Penang is much smoother, still hiccups from time to time, due to some continuing works....., but i just wonder how will julutong highway will be once the 2nd Penang Bridge is ready

Recycle, No Plastic Bag is given out free on Mondays in Penang, heard that its also going to be No Plastic Bag on Tue and Wed soon. We in Penang is being Ease in, While Selangor is thinking of No Plastic Bag on Saturday. Ouch, that really biting the bullet! Need to find the recycle bag Tan Sri Koh Su Koon my former assemblyman give out a few years back.

Celcom Broad Band is work well for me, at my Parents House in Tg Bungah and Where I am currently staying out in the countryside – HSPDA all the way. Even the 5G limits seems to be enough. Ah the comfort of blogging from home instead of at the mamak, or curi curi at the office.

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