Thursday, November 19, 2009

Penang Road Chendol

Penang Road Chendol @ snapshots

One of Penang Heritage Food Icons is the Chendol found at Penang Road. Chendol is basically Pandan “Jelly” with coconut milk and gula Melaka (dark suger) with shaven ice. So it usually eaten to cool you down after a hot day and hard day of work. There is one specific stall at an alley of Penang Road that every one make a bee line to for their chendol fix.


Nasi Lemak - tasty

Well this post is on a branch of that stall, which is located at atrium A of Prangin Mall and funny enough it’s also located an alley off the atrium. Look for a spec shop, and there is an alley there, walk in and you will see the stall.

Ice Kacang

Penang Laksa

This stall offers more then just the famous chendol, but it’s without the ambiance of eating at the road side just like the original, hot exhaust smoke, standing and pack to the brim. Here it’s not that busy, but has consistent customers coming in for a bite, there tables and chairs and its almost air con. So this place is for those who want the comfort, the appearance of hygiene and so on.

When we stop by, we almost tried everything on the menu. :-)

Pegaga Juice

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